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Attending the Miracle is a worldwide community of people who live with disabling conditions. As a positive resource, a focal point, and a forum, Attending the Miracle is a powerful way for individuals, families, and professionals to find inspiration, learning and networking; a path to recognition and expression of their extraordinary viewpoints in the world.

Articles and Essays

THE ART THIEF, Philip A. Gonzales

...the continuity of nurturing from womb to world was broken. Newborns are not built for isolation. Newborns feel pain. Newborns feel fear. Newborns can rely on only a few proprioceptive cues: mother and father's voices, warmth from an external source, mother's smell, mother's breast, the touch of flesh. Medical interventions subverted all instinct to meet our newborn's irreducible needs. Doubt was thrown into the arena of his cellular development, hidden from view, in deep struggles below street level. His body began to ask questions:
Where am I? What am I? Who am I?