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Attending the Miracle is a worldwide community of people who live with disabling conditions. As a positive resource, a focal point, and a forum, Attending the Miracle is a powerful way for individuals, families, and professionals to find inspiration, learning and networking; a path to recognition and expression of their extraordinary viewpoints in the world.

Contributing Writers

Generations of writers have contributed to the survival and success of people who face disabling conditions. The miracle of the word on the page, when attended carefully, can bring unanticipated benefits.

Laurence Gonzales

Survivors do not let themselves be overwhelmed by the seeming impossibility of the task they face. Steve Callahan drifted 1800 miles for 76 days on the open ocean in a five-foot raft: He knew that to think of the impossibility of drifting there would excite dangerous emotions. Instead, he planned only as far as the following morning. By not thinking of the almost certain death that would result... he was keeping himself from despair and panic. So he set up a small, attainable goal. To act is human, to succeed, crucial.

Deep Survival, Laurence Gonzales
W W Norton & Company, Inc