Dwellness • Introduction


"Dwell in Wellness."


Dwellness is a support system that facilitates caregiving success for Habilitation Personal Care Attendants (HPCAs) and others who care for patients in need of personal and medical care at home. It brings every home healthcare task into the HPCA’s hands with finely granular descriptions of all personal and medical responsibilities as part of a comprehensive, individualized care process. Many of these tasks might be new to a PCA who trains to become an HPCA.

Dwellness offers a comfortable process for existing caregivers to provide details of the patient's care. With these data, Dwellness customizes, fully explains, and clearly illustrates the entire range of daily routines for accessibility, personal security, and clinical transparency at home. Dwellness helps provide for mutual well-being and growth of the patient and all caregivers.

Dwellness helps answer the home nursing shortage by equipping a traditional PCA to become an HPCA and perform essential medical procedures coordinated with personal cares for the patient at home.

"Once I find a solution to my problem, then I can offer a solution to others with similar needs."

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System Flow

  1. Existing caregivers who know the patient best will interact with the HIPAA-secure Dwellness Web-based or app-based system ("HPCA Input") to answer questions and enter data about the care of a specific patient. Through this data-collection process, the system gathers both generalized and personalized data about all aspects of the patient’s care, including both personal care and medical care at home. The result: fully customized, detailed care documentation.
  2. Upon completion of the initial data entry by existing caregivers, a local Dwellness Team (doctors, nurses, and tech specialists) reviews the care process data. The team follows up with further data gathering through in-person discussions and professional observations.
  3. The Dwellness Team interacts with the secure intake system to organize and format the data for optimal work flow and accessibility of all aspects pertinent to daily use.
  4. New caregivers and existing PCAs can become Habilitation Personal Care Attendants (HPCAs) as the existing caregivers form a flexible, highly trained, expanding staff pool for all aspects of the patient’s care at home.
  5. Doctors are given access to the Dwellness customization so they can provide guidance on specific tasks in the plan, while ensuring that all tasks are medically aligned with best practices on record for the specific patient. Medical service providers can also perform hands-on training when needed for ensuring the competence of HPCAs and other caregivers.
  6. As the Dwellness support system develops and is used by more consumers, there is significant potential that home clinical data will be used for refinement of the family/medical team's decision-making process, improvement of the patient’s medical outcomes, and enhancement of ongoing research for the common good.
  • Helps alleviate the pervasive shortage of home nurses
  • Provides continuity of care across changing circumstances, including hiring new staff or changing residence
  • Customizes per patient – similar to the way a county customizes their community support plans or a school customizes the Special Education IEP
  • Customizes per family – the format of data gathering can be customized to honor preferences for written answers, spoken answers, and various ways of stating each question
  • Provides an improvement on the hit-and-miss nature of the 3-ring binder that most families keep
  • Frees up family caregivers for self-care
Future Directions
  • HIPAA-secure medical data sharing
    • Data input to doctors can include tri-daily questionnaire filled out by HPCAs and other caregivers
    • Data can include any medical treatment device that has connectivity
      • This generally includes almost every existing device in the home
  • Aggregate anonymized data pertaining to many aspects of the patient population
    • Home conditions
    • Demographics
    • Cultural background
    • Geopolitics
    • Family socioeconomic history


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