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Attending the MiracleSM

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Attending the Miracle is a worldwide community of people who live with disabling conditions. As a positive resource, a focal point, and a forum, Attending the Miracle is a powerful way for individuals, families, and professionals to find inspiration, learning and networking; a path to recognition and expression of their extraordinary viewpoints in the world.

Workshops and Retreats

Workshop: Light and Gravity
We live at the intersection of light and gravity.
We are physical beings with a spiritual core. We are beings of neurological connections and action. Profound Attention is a state of mind, a recognition of feelings, and a mode of action that you will learn and practice in Light and Gravity.
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Workshop: Become a Fire Eater
Become a fire eater, and you will never have to run from the dragon.
You may stand up courageously to the dragon in your life every day. You may learn how to eat fire. But what do you do with the fire once it's in your belly? You learn to savor it; to appreciate the scent, the flavor, the process it kindles inside you. When you take action, you can discover your own internal combustion that drives you.
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Workshop: Streams of Free Will
All streams of Free Will must eventually pour into the same ocean.
You must make decisions under stress and urgency. The consequences of your Free Will are vital, and the process can be excruciating. In Streams of Free Will, learn new ways to balance opinions of others, the spectrum of information, and your personal intuition for the optimal chances of a positive outcome.
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Retreat: Family Recoverysm
Love survives knowledge.
The transformation of a family under medical or developmental crisis can be seen, in perspective, as both loss and benefit. Years of study have shown that families can move successfully through the positive, challenging stages of Recovery: Diagnosis, Treatment, Outreach, Confirmation, and Leadership. In the Family Recovery retreat, discover your family's place in each stage, and develop a plan for years to come.
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